One of the reasons I started writing in English was traveling. I traveled quite a bit across Europe when I was a student, including multiple stays in England and Ireland and a semester in Denmark. I've been to other places too, but these were the travels that had the greatest impact on me. There was something intangible about these places and people that opened up my mind to the possibility of being a different person - simply because I was speaking a different language there. In a way, being abroad meant that I could not only take a holiday from the place I lived in, but it also meant that I could take a holiday from the person I was at home. I could still be that person, but I could let out different sides of me that usually didn't get that much space at home. Thinking up stories and writing them down was one of them.

I call these stories "travel inspired stories" because they are always about the place I traveled to. It's not necessary for me to write the whole story while I'm still in that place, but it certainly helps to have an open mind and look out for things, people or situations that spark an idea for a story. If nothing else, it makes me more aware of my surroundings and I enjoy the journey even more.

Also, writing travel inspired stories is a great way of remembering the trip and holding on to the scenery, a cosy cafè or even a beautiful street you've visited. It can be like a travelogue or diary, except that the plot is fictional. These stories end up being much closer to my heart too.

I hope this motivated some of you to try out travel inspired short stories as well.

Happy writing!