Ever since I went to high-school, I've hated how people put other people into boxes. If you were the nerd in one year, could you even dare to dream that you could become a member of the cool gang next year?

The older I got, the easier it was to brush off other people's box thinking. At least in that respect, I am very happy that I get to get older! Now that I'm also trying to become a good writer - or any writer :) - I decided to go for short stories, as I feel better about writing short fiction compared to tackling novels right away. Although short stories are not per se easier to write than novels, I feel more energized and drawn towards them from a writer's perspective. In 'real life' I read novels and biographies mostly, so writing short fiction also functions as a bridge between my private self and my writing self.

Knowing which genre I fit in, on the other hand, is a completely different story. I always love a good romance or novels involving some kind of romantic relationship or friendship, but I also read mystery and sometimes fantasy. How should I know what genre I would be good at writing? So I spent a few months pondering, falling down one or the other rabbit hole in the internet, and finally came across the wonderful Lara Ferrari. Her Web Site www.writinglaraferrari.com contains a lot of material and resources for writers, including a quiz on which genre one fits in. I gave it a go, and the questions were single-choice so I often had to think before answering them, because I couldn't just click 'all of the above'. This was very good for me, because it helped me form an honest answer.

As you can see in the graph below, my quiz results are mixed.


I completely agree with them from a reader's point of view. It is difficult for me, however, to believe that I would be any good in writing romance. I would love to, of course, but I have never involved romantic love in my stories before, because I believe it to be one of the most difficult genres to write.

One of the best things about short stories is, in my opinion, the fact that a writer doesn't need to stick to one genre from story to story. For me, this means I will try to write romance stories, mystery stories, maybe even historical fiction during the next few months. This might lead to a preferred genre, but I kind of like the idea of writing in all of them.

Now that you know my thoughts, I would love to hear yours! Do you have a preferred genre you read and/or write?