Once upon a time there was a recipe. When I started this blog, my intention was to teach myself how to write stories and bake. So, I started looking for recipes and sweet inspirations but I fell down that sugar-hole so quickly that I soon found myself surrounded by cake pop recipes and filled pralines. There was no way I would be able to do that as a beginner!

The organized person that I am, I had to bring order into this chaos. Behold: The Sugar Calendar!
The first one to two months of the year have a low sugary profile - most people are still trying to get rid of last Christmas' cookies on their hips, so not much to bake here.
February, however, can be very rich on calories, depending on where you live. Here in Austria, we have 'Krapfen', which are similar to doughnuts without holes and filled with marmelade. We love them for a brief but very intense time, before lent begins for some, and Easter chocolate for others.
The time between Easter and June is dedicated to 'in-betweeners', stuff like croissants, Austrian 'Buchteln', and pan cakes.
The hotter the summer, the colder the desserts. Ice cream in all flavors is a must here.
When the weather turns colder, the desserts get warmer again - all kinds of strudel are always IN in Austria.
Before Christmas - one could argue, in September - many supermarkets start with their annual sales pitch for Christmas cookies, Christmas baking supply, etc. It doesn't have an end until after New Year's Eve, but let's be honest - would we want it any other way?

So, it's the end of September, and once again I tell myself: this year, I'll bake the hell out of Christmas! Gingerbread, 'Vanillekipferl', rum cookies, you name it, I'll bake it!

To check out some of the Austrian specialties, click on the links in the text.

Rosie x