Isn't attempting to write short stories hard enough? Why would you decide to write in a foreign language?

When in Rome

These are some of the questions I was asked or asked myself while I was contemplating to change my writing and also Lit & Pie to English only. As you might have noticed, two of the stories I've posted on the blog are written in English. They also happen to be travel inspired stories - what I mean by that is, I wrote them while I was abroad or they are about a place I've visited. To me, it made sense to write them in English, because the language I spoke there was English. It made perfect sense to tell this story in the colours it had rather than re-thinking it into German.

The creative mindset

I started out writing short stories in German, I live in Austria, many moons ago and I was never happy with them. When I started living in an English speaking environment, watching films only in English and speaking English all day, I got a completely different feeling for language. Suddenly, even the most mundane sentences had a coolnees to them and a cheerfulness - listening to British people talk always sounds so upbeat to me - that you just don't get in German. Or maybe it's because I've grown up living and thinking in German, that living and thinking in English had a very exciting and invigoring effect on me. Whatever it was, it made me start thinking of ideas for short stories in English. To be honest, this was the reason I even started writing on a more regular basis.

I've only ever spent a couple of weeks in England and Ireland, and an exchange semester in Denmark - the lectures were in English and I lived in a dorm full of exchange students - but I've spoken mostly English in all of my jobs in Austria so far as well. I've been somewhere in between German and English for quite some years now.

Whenever I read or write, everything sounds more 'dreamy' but at the same time clear in my head if it's written in English. There is just a certain magic that helps me escape reality when I read or write in English, and although I might not be perfect in it, I now made up my mind that it's in English I want to continue writing.

The Blog

Following this recent decision is my plan to translate my German blog posts into English. I'll try to do it as soon as possible, so people from all over the world can read it and maybe even get in touch - but it's going to take some days.

So in a way it's a good thing I haven't been blogging so actively in the last two years, hey? However, I truly believe that this is actually the reason why I haven't been writing so actively.

Here's to being a non-native English writer! ;)