When I was little, I shared a room with my elder sister. I remember vividly the afternoons I would spend looking around in our shared room and sketching my ideal "own" room on a piece of paper. How would I arrange the furniture? How much furniture would I have? Where would I buy it from? I would look at magazines for hours and imagine all the beautiful things in my room. It was not uncommon for me to tidy up my friends' rooms when visiting them because I was so used to having to live in a neat way in a small space.

Years later, when I lived alone during my studies, I thoroughly made up for all the years of having no space to myself. I would leave things lying around, my desk was NEVER tidy and the kitchen was a modest mess. When I got home, everything was still exactly as I had left it - of course, that's one of the blessings and curses of living alone. By then, my interest in interior design was buried deep below the exams I had to study for and the fact that it didn't need to be pleasant for anybody but me. The stuff I had was functional, used, and stuffed with things I thought I would need some day. Of course, this day never comes for any of these things, does it?

Then, my boyfriend moved in with me. He actually had taste! It took him a few years, but he gradually managed to turn around my passion for "needing these things one day". We re-decorated our apartment and the last year I got more and more into the routine of walking around at home and looking at my furniture. I'm very proud that I didn't start talking to my furniture as well. Suddenly, the colors of a room had to match, decoration had to fit seasons and oh, those throw pillows!

The very fact that I'm on Instagram now, is thanks to some on-line shops and interior design bloggers I found on Pinterest. And the fact I was on Pinterest in the first place, is because I was looking for nice decoration ideas for my son's christening this summer. So much for snowball effect, right?

In the last few months I've decluttered every single room in our apartment at least twice. At the same time, I started writing again. After abandoning my blog almost one year before, my new-found passion for decluttering and giving my home a regular "face lifting" brought me closer to my blog and short stories again. I started an Instagram account and now I'm writing more regularly than ever before.

There are many, and definitely more sophisticated, bloggers and authors of interior design who could explain it much better than I ever could. I'll still try to explain the importance of an open, de-cluttered home with matching colors. If you work on making your home pleasant and clean and don't allow clutter to develop, you'll feel happier about visitors coming over and you'll enjoy spending time at home more. Make it a habit to clear out certain areas of your home which tend to fill-up with random stuff. For me, the dining table is still my nemesis! When you let yourself be creative with your home and take pride in it, it gives you courage to be more creative in other aspects as well. If nothing else, at least it won't constantly distract and bother you having to look at it.

Living in a more organized home with everything in its right place and minimum clutter, I feel more at home now. Let me be clear, just last week I had to declutter and get rid of 3 complete bookshelves and assemble a secretary desk at the same time, so my home's journey is far from over. But there's a definite improvement, and most of it doesn't have to do with having a large budget. Decluttering itself can be a real home-saver! The simple fact that there is a creative energy of change and development in my home affects my other creative and personal endeavors as well.

I urge everyone out there to give it a try. And if you don't end up a bestselling author, at least your home will look nicer :)