Do you have New Year's resolutions? Does this work for you, or are you skeptical? I, for one, have always done it. I like lists, what can I say? In recent years, I realized that the probability of achieving any one item on my annual resolutions list increases drastically if I communicate it to family and friends, or if I need to report to external forces like schools, university or jobs. As soon as other people are involved, I tend to deliver. Why is that? An explanation could be that your commitment to achieving this life improvement or goal rises once you are accountable to people who matter to you, even if you won't have to face any consequences from them if you don't succeed. It's the moral obligation that whips your butt off the couch.

Another strategical move involved hedging my bets. This means if I mixed up goals regarding the body, mind and soul instead of only body or sport related goals, I would have more ticks on the list at the end of the year. Don't pretend like you don't love ticking off lists as well! But where would creative goals fit? Are they goals for the mind or the soul? Couldn't they be goals for the body as well, like "take a dancing class"? Is it really creative if you plan it? For a long time I thought that creative endeavors - for me, writing it is - are contrary to planning. I love planning, and I plan almost every part of my daily life and future. Naturally, I believed that this was my problem why it took me years until I finally acknowledged myself as an aspiring writer. It turned out that planning to a certain degree is necessary even for creative endeavors.

Here I am now, and still wondering about where I should put my creative goals for 2018. I could just make another category and call the list "body, mind, soul and creative" but this would be too easy. Instead, I'll try to open my mind to different kinds of creative possibilities that could involve writing but don't have to.

I feel very good about my creative goals for 2018 that I will now share with you - and by sharing it with you, the probability of achieving these goals has already skyrocketed because of the simple fact that all of you know about them now!

Rosie's Creative Goals 2018

  • Create for the MIND by writing and publishing my first collection of short stories
  • Create for the BODY and attend a dance class with husband (this item is now on his goals 2018 list as well)
  • Create for the SOUL by learning how to draw, hopefully illustrating my first short story collection myself
  • Create for my son's SOUL by writing a journal for him. This item will be on my goals list for the next 17 years now, as I hope to be able to give him handwritten journals following his life and our life together for his 18th birthday. Talk about long-term planning, huh?