Hi, I’m Rossi

I'm a literary double agent based in Vienna, Austria who works an office job by day and forges her home-made literature by night.

Like many people in their twenties, I also found a good job in business after university. I worked hard to not screw up and tried to prove myself worthy of the job and that’s how years passed. When I was younger I liked to read and write stories and eat everything sweet, but it wasn’t until I realized my dream of having my own family, that I scrambled together enough courage to allow myself to also start writing again.

I still love the job, I have my little guy at home and this blog is the place where my artist and sweet tooth can run free. If you ever thought you wanted to be a writer, painter or any kind of creative mind, but didn’t have the courage or self-confidence to put yourself out there – you're not alone.
To this day, I’m terrified of the possibility that I might never be a good writer, but it’s one word at a time, hey? The fact that I’m writing English stories as a non-native in English doesn’t make it easier, but my passion is louder than my self-doubts.

One word at a time.

You want to get in touch? You can message me in the comments section on the blog, send me an e-mail at litandpie@gmail.com or find me on Facebook and Instagram @litandpie.

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