A few days ago, I went to see the Rubens art exhibition in the "Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien" with my mother. I've been to the arts history museum before, and the building itself could be considered art - with the creaking wood floor and the little side rooms it has a very special atmosphere that is truly Vienna. This exhibition is rather small with "only" about 100 exhibited items, some of them belonging to other artists like Tizian, whom Rubens had studied and emulated.

I haven't studied art history but I've been to quite a few exhibitions throughout the years, and I always leave them with a lesson learned. Sometimes it's as blunt as the feeling that I don't understand that particular artist. When it comes to modern art, I would definitely recommend to book some sort of group tour or buy a ticket for an audio guide for the exhibitions. I recommend getting an audio guide in general, if they're not too pricey, because they give you a much more detailed view of the paintings that a normal person doesn't necessarily understand on their own. 99% of the time I come out with a smile on my face or a thoughtful frown - people always mistake my thoughtful face with being grumpy - leaving me thinking about the paintings or sculptures with the story behind them for days.

They always leave me with new appreciation for the hardships people had to suffer in the past and how "easy" a lot of things come to us now. Also, I admire large paintings that could fill up an entire room. I love colorful paintings like those belonging to Fauvism and Pointillism. Colors give me a special kind of energy and creative inspiration that lasts for days after each visit to a museum - in the past I didn't realize it but these are the days when I get most ideas for stories or themes. My mother is another well of inspiration - but this is another series of blog entries entirely :)

For now, I'd like to leave you with the simple advise to go to a museum, exhibition or musical venue whenever you want or need to fill up your creative well.