Hi, I’m Rossi

Welcome to 'Lit & Pie', my site about writing, literature, baking and the occasional life lesson. I am based in Vienna, Austria, working an office job by day and writing short stories at night. In some ways I would describe myself as a literary double agent, because of my day job but also because I write in English, with my first language being German.

I am a passionate indie author, and you can find my short story collection 'Vienna in Short Stories' on Amazon and Kobo. It's a collection of eight stories, each written in a different style or even genre, but all of them taking you on a culinary and literary walk around Vienna.


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You want to get in touch? You can message me in the comments section on the blog, send me an e-mail at litandpie@gmail.com or find me on Facebook and Instagram @litandpie.

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