People often think they have to sit still and upright while reading - who ever moves, loses. On the contrary! Let me introduce some of the best accessories to reading. Having them around has enhanced my reading pleasure immensely in the past.

The Food

This one is quite obvious. It's the same as with watching TV - snacking while reading increases the fun. One could also argue that the calories are cut in half if you've consumed them while reading and doing something for your intellectual development.
But beware! Not all reading snacks are of equal worth. Most cookies, for example, tend to distract too much from the reading, as the reader has to brush aside crumbs from his or her book, magazine or belly.
So what are the best and most practical snacks whilst reading?
From my experience, the best reading snacks are nuts (except pistachios because cracking them open just takes forever and makes a mess) and gummy sweets. Both are crumb-free and you can chew each for quite some time so you're not distracted from having to reach into the bowl of candy every few seconds.
Chocolate pralines that don't melt between your fingers are also very practical and snack-worthy.
You have to take into account the calories, however, and decide for yourself which snack is yummy and healthy for you.

The Environment

There are people who can concentrate on a text they're reading wherever they are - in a train, at home surrounded by family, while watching TV or sitting in cafés and bars. Not everyone is this lucky to have such a focused mind, though. Some of us need to sit in absolute quiet in order to be able to focus on a text.
Which is better? Again, you'll have to decide for yourself. If you're the type of person who can read anywhere, continue doing just that. If you're unsure yet as to your perfect reading environment, I recommend you take some time to experiment with different environments and see which one suits you best. Once you know which environment enhances your concentration and reading pleasure, it will save you a lot of time and energy in the future!

For me, reading in cafés or at home (with or without music playing in the background) is the best. The biggest factors are temperature, a comfortable seat, continual background noise (if any), and the opportunity to look out the window whenever I want to reflect on what I've just read.

The Music

Once again, everyone needs to decide on this one for themselves, but I highly recommend listening to soft and slightly upbeat lounge music of the type that Starbucks coffee shops have on repeat. The slightly melancholic music of singer/songwriters with guitar music is the best, in my opinion. However, too much or too complicated lyrics tend to distract me, most of the time.

Another "accessory" to reading could be being in the right company, but this is another topic, entirely.

Happy reading, everyone!