Writing can be a lonely occupation, whether as a full-time job or hobby. Not all of us are lucky enough or able to surround themselves with fellow writers and exchange experiences, our work and thoughts often. That's how I discovered podcasts from creatives for creatives and I don't ever want to miss them. They are my daily inspiration, my food for thought and my entertainment, when people around me do nothing but frown and wait for their stop to get off the train.

You might have read on my Instagram feed for quite a while how I incorporate my daily commute into my writing schedule. I'll be honest here, I use it for creative procrastination quite a lot too, but that's also why I wanted to structure my thoughts and give you, my readers, the benefit of my research as well.

This post is intended as an ongoing library of my favorite podcasts for writers, creatives, and anybody who has some spare minutes in their day. To begin with, I'd like to give credit where credit is due. I found half of the podcasts I love now via the amazing article "20 Inspiring Writing Podcasts to Subscribe to Right Now" by Brianna Bell on www.thewritelife.com
I'll also introduce you to some other podcasts that don't specifically deal with writing, but with creatives and online businesses. They are specifically relevant to anybody who wants to self-publish their work, like me. As self-publishers we need to be writers, photographers, marketers, web site designers and so much more, all in one. So let's get started.

1. World Book Club by BBC World Service

This podcast interviews international great authors about their best-known novel, and it's recorded from a real-life setting where the audience as well as the interviewer can ask the author questions. So if you browse through the episodes you can choose which author you want to listen to, instead of a topic. This "book club podcast" also discusses books and authors who are no longer with us, like Agatha Christie, Dostoyevsky, etc.

2. Books and Authors by BBC Radio 4

This podcast interviews great authors as well, but does so in a group setting with other writers or on specific topics rather than about the author.

3. The Writer Files

This podcast is hosted by Kelton Reid, who interviews great authors on their writing habits, creativity and productivity. A great episode to start with (actually 1 episode split into 2) is "21 Productivity Hacks from 21 Prolific Writers" which serves as a sort of review of some of the previous episodes and introduces you to the theme of the podcast really well. Plus, it's funny too!

4. The Self-Publishing Podcast

As you might already know, my plan is to self-publish my first short-story collection next year and this podcast has amazing insights and practical tips from the podcast hosts Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright as well as other authors on everything related to self-publishing. Plus, the hosts are hilarious!

5. Hashtag Authentic by Sara Tasker

If you follow me on Instagram you know I'm a huge fan of this amazing lady! I love her podcast for online brands/businesses and creatives. In each episode she invites a fellow (online) creative to discuss their journey and give advise, and through her I've found the next podcast and some really great creatives on Instagram. To me, she's a real Instagram whisperer with so many tips on how to grow one's audience and create high-quality posts. In a way, she helps you find your creative voice on Instagram, Twitter, and social media in general.

6. Soulful PR Podcast by Janet Murray

This one is very specific but SO informative and helpful! I actually read her book, "Your Press Release is Breaking my Heart" first before I subscribed to her podcast, but in both she gives so much practical and valuable advice on how to approach media and pitch one's products and services as a small business or creative. Her podcast has mostly short episodes with advice on a very specific problem or topic, like attracting more traffic to one's web site, or creating a mailing list.

7. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips on Better Writing

For a non-native English speaker, especially, but for all natives as well, this podcast has (relatively) short and succinct episodes on specific English expressions, grammar rules or vocabulary that are informative and light at the same time. They are easy to follow, and often include a historic background to the topic.

8. The Drunken Odyssey by John King

I love his introduction at the beginning of an episode! It's like you're transported into the Wild West of Literature. This podcast discusses novels with other writers, not necessarily the author of that book. In a way, it's like a personal discussion with friends on books.

9. Marginally

Olivia and Meghan are writers on top of an already packed full life, and their podcast is about all of us who have and want to keep day jobs, who have families and are trying to squeeze in that writer self too. What I find very refreshing about them is their authenticity as well as their new series of 'Pep Talk Episodes'. I'm very excited to see where this journey takes them.

Update: I had the pleasure of meeting Olivia in person in Vienna one afternoon in spring of this year. She is as funny and lovely in real life as she is to listen to.

10. The Creative Penn

This podcast with Joanna Penn is very interesting to me, because it combines the themes of creative writing and the business and marketing aspect to it. With more than 300 episodes I have a lot of self-publishing and marketing advice stored for me, so I better get back to listening :)

11. The Secret Library Podcast

Caroline Donahue, the host of 'The Secret Library Podcast', was interviewed in Episode 35 of the above mentioned 'Marginally' Podcast and because I loved the way she talked about her day job and long list of creative side hustles with a lot of humour I naturally got hooked on her own podcast as well.

In it, she interviews at least one author, most of the time it's two or more, every week and talks about all things writing and life. They make me smile on the train and the questions are very well researched and to the point. A perfect mix of everything I'm looking for in a podcast!

12. The Writer's Digest Podcast

Although the 'Writer's Digest' publication has been around for so long and is among the largest platforms for writing resources, it has only started a podcast in February of 2018. It's hosted by Gabriela Pereira, the founder of 'DYIMFA', and I love all episodes so far!

The people she has interviewed so far all come from a different writing field and Gabriela Pereira focuses a lot on the person and their "hero story" which is always interesting to listen to. One of my favourite discoveries via a podcast so far has been the wonderful Windy Lynn Harris in episode 3 of this podcast.

I hope you enjoyed this list and it gave you some new inspiration. Now that you know my favorites, why don't you comment yours in the comments section below? Be sure to check in to this post now and again, as I'll be updating it regularly.